The name Tanooki comes forth from the power-up “Tanooki-Suit” in Super Mario Bros 3. Since Tanooki is a company creating music and sounds for games it only seemed logical to go with the first game that inspired him to pursue this dream.

Tanooki is a one man company that creates (coded) audio and music for games. The founder/owner of Tanooki is George-Paul Henneberke who studied guitar at the Rock

Academy in Tilburg (The Netherlands) with composition and engineering as his learning routes. George-Paul played in different bands and started a corporate music company back in 2009. This company was a great experience that paid the bills for a good 6 years but since this never was his true ambition, he decided to quit and start Tanooki in 2015. So now Tanooki is available for both one man jobs or joining a team.

Please feel free to browse through the portfolio to get a better impression of Tanooki’s work.